Specially designed plans for dogs

Initial counseling: On the first visit, we identify the trauma or the dog`s problem, the origin of the unwanted behavior and the rules to follow to achieve rehabilitation.

Value: Call to get more information
Estimated time: Two hours min.

Routine individual class: We recommend a routine class when the owner of the dog has difficulty applying the rules established by the therapist or the trainer.

Value: Call to get more information
Estimated time: One hour min.


Rebel Dog Program: This program is designed for owners who have problems dealing with their dogs´ excess of energy (often related to puberty).
During the sessions, the trainer will help the dog to reach a mature behavior by promoting leadership and training routines.

Value: Call to get more information
Sessions: Three (03)
Estimated time: Week and a half.

Classic Dog Program: Specially designed for dogs with a behavior that apparently can not be rehab or dogs with insecurity, aggression, fear or anxiety issues towards humans or other animals.

Value: $Call to get more information
Classes: Six (06)
Estimated time: Three weeks.

Red Zone Program: During the sessions, the therapist will apply several tests in order to rehabilitate the dog from the severe aggression conducts, mental blocking and other behaviors related to the red canine area.

Value: Call to get more information
Classes: Nine (09)
Estimated time: Four and a half weeks.

Please note:
· After the initial counseling, our experts will determine the right program for your dog.
· There is no time limit during the program classes, they will depend on the owner and the dog`s will.
· We are proud to say that our training techniques have been 100% effective in all treated cases due to a mix between positivism and punishment method.
· The day of the visiting, all the people who participate actively on the dog´s live must be present.
· All programs must be paid in advance, the sessions must be schedule as close as possible and if the class is canceled by the owner, it will not be recovered.

Indoor Grooming. 

Our indoor grooming service will allow the owner to be present at all times. This service is perfectly design for animals that have suffered some type of trauma related to bathing and hair removal. We will try to create a pleasant grooming experience for the dog while the owner learns and helps during the process.

● $ 120 small dogs.
● $ 150 medium dogs.
● $ 200 Large dogs.

(The client must provide a place to bathe the dog and electric power)