About Us

We love dogs! We love them so much that we care and look after their safety as well as their physical and psychological well-being. We are experts in dogs´ psychology and behavior modification. Our techniques go hand in hand with the nature of the dog, focusing our energy and balance on teaching the appreciation of all aspects of domestic life, such as baths, walks, learning to be alone and to socialize with other dogs and humans.
We are sure that if you follow our advices you will have the best dog in the world!!!


We are an organization that works around Broward and Miami Dade county, specialized on canine balance in all areas, working hard to create a positive experience for dogs in our grooming, training and behavior services (aggressive conducts, insecurity, anxiety, fear issues and traumas for past experiences) by using a very special dog communication technique which differentiates us from our competitors. We also provide the owners with all the necessary information so they can have a special role on the rehab process of their dog.
In Classic Dogs we work every day to promote canine education in the everyday life trying to accomplish a change of mind towards the responsibility of having a pet.


1. Share our knowledge through our workers to teach the responsibility of having a pet as well as the importance of treating animals as beings.
2. Grow as a company with our mobile grooming vehicles and behavior therapy services.
3. Expand so we can spread our work and life philosophy to a much larger group of clients trough seminars and educational talks.
4. Offer free services to non-profit organizations for abandoned or rescued animals.


1. Integrity: We are responsible, punctual, dedicated, honest, neat and grateful in our daily job.
2. Education: Our staff is widely trained to perform their daily tasks.
3. Patience: Is part of our work philosophy to drive the dog to a joyful experience in every grooming, training and behavior sessions.
4. Sensitivity: We know animals are beings that feel and suffer; therefore, we work hard to raise awareness to those who have been victims of abuse and neglect, and offering our services to those in need.